The Romeo Solutions™is a one stop-solutions provider for advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, premiums, print, web, direct mail, fundraising, trade shows, employee morale, award and recognition, company stores, new product launch, social media, campaigns, branding, uniforms, school spirit stores, distribution and market intelligence.

DogBarktique_LOGOWe provide consulting, advice and creative work, logos, graphic design, implementation/facilitation of contests, events, celebrations, and complete marketing plans for start-ups, small to mid-sized business’, SWAMs, solo-preneurs, mom-preneurs and mom and pop businesses.

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The Romeo Solutions™  works with our clients to discover their niche and we create unique “out of the box” strategies to reach their target audience, helping them “out do” their competition, all with an eye to their marketing dollars bottom line.




When is a Good Time to Start?

While we have and continue to “work miracles,” we’d rather our clients contact us sooner rather than later. Keeping in mind the current state of our economy, “bail-outs” don’t work!


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